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City Sights

We get all sorts of wildlife in the city – loads of foxes, hedgehogs, badgers, a myriad of small and medium birds, but big birds aren’t so common.  Although Nottingham is generally very green, there isn’t a lot on my side of the city.  Like most places, you’ll find most greenery in the wealthier parts of the city.  However, here in Bakersfield we are privileged to have access to Colwick Woods.  If you can afford to run a car, you can also get to Colwick Lakes.  That’s where I reckon this fella came from:


 He looked a bit baffled to find himself on my neighbour’s roof and only stayed a couple of minutes before heading off for more congenial surroundings.  I got one quick snap from a distance; I wish he’s stayed just half a minute longer, so I could have got a close up.


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